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 Science Wiki


Madison County Central School  2010 - 2011

Madison, Florida


Our class is "erupting" with learning!



STEM Career Fair Project List





Congratulations to everyone for a very successful Science Fair!



Thinking about STEM careers? Check out these links for information.


EducationPlanner.Org - It's not too early to begin thinking about the future. After all, it will be here tomorrow.


O-Net Online - Go here to find information about different careers


CareerOneStop.org - Your pathway to career success

Click here to go to the Career Fair 2011 - 1 folder.


Click here to go to the Career Fair 2011 - 2 folder.


Click here to go to the Career Fair 2011 - 3 folder.


Click here to go to the Career Fair 2011 - 4 folder.


Click here to go to the Career Fair 2011 - 5 folder.


Click here to go to the Career Fair 2011 - 7 folder.


Click here to go to the Career Fair 2011 -8 folder.


Click here for the information you need to put on your career wiki page.



What is STEM?   







As technology becomes an integral part of the workplace, science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills are no longer just “good skills” to have; they are increasingly important to a 21st-century education.


21st Century Survival Skills


These are “The New Basic Skills”, identified by college and corporate leaders, that you need in order to be able to make it in this global economy.


  • Critical thinking and problem solving 
  • Collaboration 
  • Being agile and adaptable 
  • Taking initiative and being self-directed 
  • Being an effective communicator 
  • Accessing and analyzing information  
  • Having curiosity and imagination



The science fair is coming!

 Click here to see the schedule and checklist for the project. 


What Is a Science Fair Project?

     A science fair project is an investigation that is designed to solve a problem or answer a question. It is a 'science' fair project because you use the scientific method to answer the question. The 'fair' part takes place when everyone who has done a project gathers together to showcase their work. For some science fairs the actual project accompanies the poster. Projects and presentations are evaluated and grades or awards may be given.
     The point of using the scientific method is to learn how to systematically and objectively ask and answer questions.


Here's what you do:

  1. Observe the world around you.
  2. Based on your observations, ask a question.
  3. State a hypothesis. A hypothesis is a statement that you can test using an experiment.
  4. Plan an experiment.
  5. Perform the experiment and make observations. These observations are called data.
  6. Analyze the data. This gives you the results of the experiment.
  7. From the results, decide whether or not your hypothesis was true. This is how you reach conclusions.

     Depending on how your experiment turned out, you may have ideas for further study or you may find that your hypothesis was not correct. You could propose a new hypothesis to test. You can present the results of your experiment at the fair.


Check out the links below for helpful information, suggestions, and ideas for your team.


Scientific Method Outline.docx


Science Fair Project Guide


Science Fair Adventures


Science Buddies

(be sure to take a look at the topic wizard at Science Buddies)


Need help for your research process? Click here.


Check out the link to an example of a science fair presentation board in the navigation window.


Click here for a brief outline of how to organize your project.



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